Let your business SHINE on the web

Hi, I’m Sam Duncan

Graphic Designer, WordPress Expert, and Tutor.

My passion for design and development mixes perfectly with my amazing skill to take great ideas (even the abstract ones!) and turn them into visual representations of the true identity of my client and their unique business.

I have always had a need to know why things work, how they work, and what drives people. I have studied marketing and the psychology behind a business and the individual, graphic design, website design, development, color theory, visual story telling, branding, writing, and so much more.

My journey has taught me the importance of visual representation for business and why having a strong brand is vital to overall success as a business owner. I have worked with numerous start-ups and existing businesses seeking growth all across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. I’d love to work with you to help you be successful, too!

My continued passion for learning fuels my need to always build websites that feel organic and appeals to target market that my clients thrive working with. Essential design that allows room for growth is highly important to me as I am a huge supporter of all of my clients. My clients success is my success. I want them to continue to grow and evolve to be the best they can be. This requires a brand and a website that is able to evolve and grow with them.

Interested in working together?